The Curated Vision

At a glance, The Curated Life(Style) Blog might seem like it’s just about things and trinkets and artificiality. All things unnecessary and indulgent. Sometimes I’ll look at  lifestyle blogs or instagrams and think the same things or I’ll feel envious and inferior.  But I’m excited about this blog because it isn’t about materialism, perfection, or anything unattainable. For me, it’s about expressing my creative perspective in a completely honest way. So here is my confession: decorating and putting outfits together and discovering beauty give me as much deep satisfaction as reading a great book or cooking chicken cordon bleu all by myself. So in this limitless format, there will be images that inspire me and clothes I love and ideas that are occupying space in my brain, clamoring around and wanting to escape. And just as much as The Curated Life(Style) Blog is about design and fashion and creating a lifestyle, it’s also about sharing and creating a mind-style and a heart-style. Right now, my apartment is a mess, a graveyard of toys and pillows and crushed cheerios. My 10 month old just went to bed without a bath, with a little bit of Greek yogurt still on her chin. And I’m in my bed, which doubles as my desk and triples as a laundry hamper. Not very stylish or beautiful or curated.

But this is about a vision. I’m excited to share it.

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