The Curated Traveler: Flora & Fauna Paris

This is a sort of addition to the Street View Paris post but it didn’t seem right to overlook all of the tributes to nature we found in France. Though most of the gardens were obviously manicured and maintained, there seemed to be something so wild about the flowers. So much was overgrown, almost crawling towards you. The vibrant reds and bright greens and crisp whites– everything was so alive.

IMG_5739    IMG_5733

IMG_5732    IMG_5746

IMG_5738     IMG_5786

IMG_5727    IMG_5769

IMG_5726    IMG_5724

IMG_5731    IMG_5729

IMG_5734     IMG_5788

IMG_5744    IMG_5725

IMG_5804     IMG_5791

IMG_5743    IMG_5787

IMG_5741     IMG_5728

IMG_5747     IMG_5792

IMG_5736      IMG_5749

IMG_5801      IMG_5730

IMG_5775     IMG_5805

IMG_5750      IMG_5740

IMG_5793      IMG_5795

IMG_5742      IMG_5814



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