The Curated Favorites: 10/04/15

When I meet new people, I like to have my story straight. Not that the person I present to the world is manufactured, but I don’t ever want to waste an opportunity to express myself– this could be through fashion, writing, music, or the trinkets I keep on my nightstand. I want every detail in my life to say something about who I am. Part of The Curated Life is knowing the answers to common ice breakers: What’s your favorite movie? Favorite song? Favorite book? I like for my favorites to paint a picture of who I am, to tell a complete and accurate story. Also, they’re just fun to think about. Some of my answers are set in stone while others are constantly changing. When you know your favorites, when you’re striving to live a curated life, you can be who you are all the time.

Favorite Song

Riptide by Vance Joy

Give me a nonsensical love song any day. The song seems more like a stream of consciousness than a story being told. You might not get all the references, but the emotion and positivity is all there. I’ve had this on repeat for several days. It’s a nice break from the sad British girls I usually listen to, no offense Adele, Kate Nash, or my precious Amy Winehouse.

Favorite Trend

Mixing Patterns


Obviously the favorite within the favorite is mixing stripes with flowers. I like mixing these two patterns specifically because it combines soft and hard, free with strict. And for me, putting complementary things together that you wouldn’t expect to match is most of the fun of fashion.

Favorite Show

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Not sophisticated, not especially clever, but hysterically funny (the first two seasons, anyway). The stakes are low and Jake Peralta (played hilariously by Andy Samberg) almost always wins which is what I wish all shows would do. So many shows have us watching the main character be the joke instead of in on the joke. Making obvious mistakes that are painful to watch and forgive me, but I like my comedies stress-free.

Favorite Time Waster:

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

I love covers and Live Lounge is a treasure trove. Hozier meets Ariana Grande. Lorde meets Jeremih. Bastille meets Miley Cyrus. Finish this post and then immediately Youtube “George Ezra Macy Gray.” You will not be disappointed.

P.S. Taylor Swift does a pretty good cover of Riptide, as well. That’s the nicest thing I’ve ever said about Taylor Swift.

Favorite Instagram

Humans of New York.

Especially recently, this page is highlighting different refugees and those helping them make their way across Europe. Heartbreaking and soulful, inspiring and gut-wrenching, you’ll find yourself wishing the captions were longer because you know their stories aren’t anywhere near over.

Favorite Picture of Ella


Forgive me, I had to.

Favorite Accessory


I found this hair clip in Montmartre and to me, this is the essence of a Curated Life. Taking advantage of a small space to show something beautiful.

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