The Curated Planner: Birthday Photos

I know, I know. All of this for a one year old. Well, it’s really all this for an almost 26 year old. That would be me. This is the craftiest and stage mom-est I’ve ever been and hopefully one of those characteristics can stick with me. But really, I just wanted to commemorate this special occasion a little bit more and I hope to make some kind of photo book or scrap book out of all this. And I love photography, design, and well, Ella.

For the crib, I used the photo booth props and balloons, as a high chair banner I made out of construction paper, curling ribbon, and gold letter stickers.

IMG_0778  IMG_0844

IMG_0820   IMG_0821

IMG_0823   IMG_0824

IMG_0826   IMG_0834

IMG_0815  IMG_0816

IMG_0817  IMG_0818


For these pictures on the table, I simply rearranged and/or repurposed everything I used at the party.

IMG_0708   IMG_0771

IMG_0773   IMG_0836

IMG_0846   IMG_0848

IMG_0851   IMG_0853

IMG_0859   IMG_0856

IMG_0861   IMG_0862

IMG_0863   IMG_0864

IMG_0858   IMG_0769

IMG_0860   IMG_0857

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