The Curated Planner: Family Photos Past

I’ve become addicted to photography since having Ella. Maybe even a little bit before, starting with our maternity photo shoot.

IMG_2012 IMG_2010 IMG_2013

Other than our wedding, this was our first time being photographed professionally. My friend did my hair and makeup, since I’m hopeless and she wanted to pamper a poor pregnant lady, and she introduced us a wonderful photographer. It was really fun even though it was a million degrees and I was a million years pregnant. I wanted to do this photo session because I didn’t want to regret missing this opportunity, not so much because I thought pregnancy was this beautiful time that needed to be commemorated.

After Ella was born, the hospital took newborn photos, which were just the sweetest. I hadn’t thought to plan a photo session (not very curated of me), so I was grateful the hospital did. Even though I was pretty much stuck in bed because of the C-section and Matthew hadn’t shaved in days and we were both a mess. But Ella, of course, was perfection.

IMG_2014 IMG_2017 IMG_2015

I also hadn’t worried about doing our own newborn photo session because we’d be going to Matthew’s house in a few weeks for Thanksgiving and his little sister, who took our engagement photos, promised to take family pictures for us.

IMG_1994 IMG_1990 IMG_1996

So what am I talking about all this for? Well, we’re having family photos taken again this fall and I’ve been obsessing over what to have us wear. I loved how our pictures turned out at Thanksgiving last year. Our outfits coordinated without being too matchy and it was casual but nice at the same time. I wanted the same sort of vibe for this year and I had this idea: what if in all of our family pictures for the rest of time, we do the same colors? I have this vision of a gallery wall with fifty years worth of family pictures, all of us in our blues, whites, grays, and browns. So I went to work creating the perfect outfits for us.

Stay tuned!

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