The Curated Planner: Family Photos Future

Yesterday, I posted about our family photo session coming up. As I’ve been coming up with the look I want, these are the words that keep coming to my mind: fall, classic, and coordinated. Like our family photos last year, we’re sticking with blue, brown, white, and gray as our colors. I know I want Ella in a dress and Matthew in a dress shirt and slacks. I thought about wearing a dress too but I think I want the pictures to have a more relaxed feel. But to make sure that I’m not underdressed next to Ella and Matthew, I’m thinking I’ll add gold accents and accessories to my outfit. Here are my thoughts:


My favorite thing to do for Ella is to put her in outfits that sort of mix the masculine and feminine.

IMG_2024IMG_2020IMG_2019  IMG_2026


Boys are so straightforward. As long as they’re shaved and ironed, they’re camera ready.

IMG_2025  IMG_2029  IMG_2028


I’ve been liking more mature, preppier looks, with neutral colors and gold accents.

IMG_2023   IMG_2021

IMG_2022    IMG_2027

I’m really excited to have these pictures taken. Most of the photos from the past year are of me with Ella or Matthew with Ella so it’ll be nice to have some as a family. But what’s also fun for me is getting to look through my closet and see what we have that can bring these ideas to life, creating my vision, and ultimately adding more curated moments to our memories.

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