The Curated Planner: Halloween Costumes

Here’s my dilemma: we have two back-to-back Halloween parties to go to tomorrow. One is at Matthew’s work and the other is at our church. Both are kid friendly, fortunately, but I’ve been wondering if one costume could work in both settings. There is almost zero overlap between his work and our church and I’ll be honest, my fellow church members aren’t known for being up to date with pop culture references. Looking through my closet, there are a lot of easy costumes made up of things I already own and thought I’d share what I’ve found. Even if I can’t decide which of them to be.

Cher or Dionne From Clueless

IMG_2408 IMG_2398

What You Need: plaid skirt, beret, white tights or knee highs, and Mary Janes.

Mr. Rogers from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood


What You Need: A dress shirt, tie, a blazer or chunky sweater, and sneakers or loafers.

Mad Men character


What You Need: secretary look or mod look

Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins


What You Need: Blue skirt, collared shirt, black hat with flowers, and an umbrella (Hmm. My Mary Poppins looks a lot like a Mad Men character)

Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project

IMG_2407 IMG_2399

What You Need: bold mixed prints, gold accessories, glasses, and a white lab coat.

A Mime


What You Need: White and black stripes, white gloves, and a beret.

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family


What You Need: A dark dress with a Peter Pan collar, tights, pigtails, and white face paint.

Frida Kahlo


What You Need: A colorful dress and scarf, a unibrow, and some pretty serious eyeliner.

If none of these speak to you, I also think it would be fairly easy to create these costumes:

Holly Golightly: Black dress, pearls, and a tiara. Don’t bring a cat to any of your parties.

Jackie O: Holly Golightly without the tiara.

Han Solo- Vest, white shirt, riding boots, and a gun. (Besides the gun, I wore that exact outfit last Saturday. Han Solo is my new fashion idol?)

Cookie- Fur, big accessories, and a crazy print dress for a crazy lady.

Beyonce- you have a lot of Queen Bs to choose from. Red Carpet Beyonce, Concert Beyonce, Music Video Beyonce, or Destiny’s Child Beyonce. Take your pick.

Michelle Obama- this one I know from experience. Basically, get dressed for church and make an American flag pin.

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