The Curated Playlist: Dance Party

When you have a baby, everything depends on the scheduling. Meal times, nap times, bedtimes– you live and die by the schedule. When you have a baby and OCD, like I do, you mostly just die by the schedule. I spend a lot of my day feeling tense and nervous and zealously watching the clock. Obviously, you can’t live like this and it’s something I’m working on. In the mean time, while the anxiety and the schedule rule my life, I absolutely rely on music. To calm my nerves, to pass the time, and sometimes, to find a release. This past weekend, Daylight Savings completely ruined Ella’s schedule and therefore, our very lives. So I’ve especially needed a release these past few days. I’ve found that the quickest way to release tension is an impromptu dance party. Whether you just want to head bob and toe shake or you really want to let go, here’s a playlist for when you can’t fight the beat:

  1. Reflections, Misterwives
  2. You Make My Dreams Come True, Hall & Oates
  3. Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5
  4. Single Ladies, Beyonce
  5. Sway, Michael Buble
  6. I Knew You Were Trouble, Taylor Swift
  7. Don’t Lose My Number, Phil Collins
  8. We Will Rock You, Queen
  9. Treasure, Bruno Mars
  10. Beat It, Michael Jackson
  11. Waka Waka, Shakira
  12. King of Anything, Sara Bareilles
  13. When Did Your Heart Go Missing, Rooney
  14. How Will I Know, Whitney Houston
  15. Blame It On the Girl, Mika
  16. Mickey, Toni Basil
  17. Magic, B.O.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo
  18. Don’t You Worry About a Thing, Stevie Wonder
  19. Get Lucky, Daft Punk feat. Pharrell
  20. Yeah, Usher
  21. Hollywood, Marina & the Diamonds


General Tips: The 80s are a treasure trove of dance hits (Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, etc.), songs about dancing are almost certainly perfect (Moves Like Jagger, I Wanna Dance with Somebody), and Beyonce. Always Beyonce.

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