Jumeaux du Jour: Fleek Ankles

I have a special announcement for Jumeaux du Jour today. Since we live in the South, our winters aren’t too extreme. Though the number of boots I own would have you believing we live in an arctic tundra or that I go horseback riding all day every day. That’s actually part of a not so problematic problem– I don’t have any cold weather shoes that don’t go up to my knees. So recently, I’ve been scouring the internet for the perfect pair of casual ankle boots and I not only found one for me, but one for my Ella as well. So this got me thinking that, while it’s fun to take pictures of the outfits Ella and I happen to have in common, there must be a ton of Jumeaux du Jour possibilities out there that I’ve been missing and don’t plan on necessarily buying. So starting today, J du J will include matching mother-daughter outfits I find outside of my closet and Ella’s dresser. I’m excited! So today, I give you Fleek Ankles:

A Mama and Mini who Match

IMG_3189  IMG_3188-0

Mama: Madewell

Mini: Zara


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