The Curated Planner: Passport Photo

Tomorrow, we’re getting Ella her first passport! I didn’t get a passport until I was 21 so she’s got me beat by about 20 years. I got my passport right before Matthew and I got married so that I could go with him on our honeymoon so it still has my maiden name. Since we’re doing Ella’s, I’m getting mine updated. This way for any future trips, we’ll all have the same last name. And after more than four years of marriage, it’s about time anyways.

Now that we have all the forms and necessary paperwork, I’ve been obsessing over Ella’s outfit for her passport photo. I don’t think she can wear a headband in the photo so I was thinking her outfit needed to be pretty feminine to make up for that (I don’t want any confusion and even though Ella has the girliest face ever, you never know). But maybe that doesn’t matter and some of her neutral dresses are favorites of mine. So here are the more feminine options:

IMG_1721 IMG_3420 IMG_1733

IMG_5443 IMG_3419 IMG_3400

The neutral options:

IMG_3398 IMG_3399 IMG_0030

IMG_3414 IMG_3401 IMG_3418

To a much lesser degree, I’m thinking about my outfit. Much of it won’t show in the outfit but I’m going to have this for the next ten years so it deserves a little thought. Really the only thing I have to debate is whether I want to look fancier and more professional or more relaxed and casual.

The professional:

IMG_3410 IMG_2703 IMG_3409

The Casual

IMG_3406 IMG_3407 q

Matthew thought I was ridiculous for having Ella’s passport photo being so much in my thoughts but it’s important! And this is the Curated Life, not the Wear Whatever Whenever Life. He’s lucky his passport doesn’t expire for another few years or else we’d be going over his options too.

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