The Curated Favorites: 11/19/15

So I have to give a 10-15 minute speech at church this Sunday in front of our entire congregation and I am so nervous. Well, I’m not nervous yet but I know from experience that the nerves will hit me all at once right before I step up to the podium and that moment is more stressful to me than the speech itself. It’s already written and I’ve been practicing it in front of my one year old daughter–she loves it–and all that’s left to do is plan my outfit (more to come on that later). As I’ve been thinking about what to wear, some things have jumped out at me. And I noticed that all of my top choices are clothes and accessories that I feel really good in. They’re my go-to looks for when I need a self-esteem boost. So here are my Curated Favorites that, no matter the situation, help me feel confident.

Bracelet Stacks

Coming up with the perfect combination to match my outfit is just a nice curated feeling.

Black Tights

My only comfort when it gets colder is that I can pull out my black tights. I think they’re flattering and chic.

Black and White

Something about black and white together, regardless of the pattern or the placement, is so crisp and professional looking. Half of my outfit ideas for this Sunday are black and white.

Riding Boots

I honestly walk differently when I’m wearing riding boots. I have a more confident and powerful stride, which is nice when you’re short and easily trampled.


Red Nails

Even just having my nails painted is a boost but for me, nothing says confidence like red.

Michael Kors Watch

I like the weight of it and wearing a watch makes me feel like a grown up.



Just another thing to make you feel classy and grown up and like you’re Coco Chanel.

Statement Necklaces

Like the watch, I like the weight of them. Almost like they’re grounding me. And then there’s the comforting thought that they will sort of take attention away from my face, which I think will make public speaking a little easier.

So writing this has kind of made me realize that for me, confidence is feeling like a grown-up. Maybe that’s because I’m short and people always think I’m a teenager. But when I feel confident, I feel like I have just as much right to talk and to be heard as anyone else. And when you’re giving a speech, what else do you need?

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