The Curated Planner: Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Not only is it my favorite holiday but it’s my year to spend it with my family in Maryland. The hardest compromise is marriage is the holidays, mark my words.

For us, Thanksgiving is an all-day thing. We do a big brunch we call the “repast” and then we have the traditional dinner. Normally it’s my mom, my oldest sister, and (funnily enough) Matthew who do a lot of the cooking. But since my oldest sister now lives across the country and has to work, my mom has decided to involve all of us. As a hopeless cook, my job was to purchase the sparkling cider which I nobly did last night. So now, I can focus on my outfit. We’re having a lot of guests, which is different for us, and I’ve convinced all of my sisters to dress up a little. A little self-serving since I wanted to dress up anyways but I’ll be spending all of tomorrow expressing gratitude so I figure it balances out. We normally just wear the sweatpants and t-shirts we (read: they) cooked in or we’ll make a bit of an effort but here are some new ideas for a fancier holiday:


Basically, for any kind of Thanksgiving Day outfit, I think you should go with darker colors, thicker textures, and a statement necklace can be fun and festive.

So excited for tomorrow!

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