The Curated Writer: NaBloPoMo

Happy December and goodbye NaBloPoMo!

National Blog Posting Month has come to an end and after family and friends, that’s what I’m most grateful for this holiday season.

I’m only kind of kidding.

This was my first time participating and IT WAS HARD. Definitely harder than I thought it would be. Coming up with something new and remotely publishable everyday or being full of ideas but being too scared to use them all up too soon– not the best situation when your writing process is spontaneous and dependent on sincere inspiration.

But there were some pros. NaBloPoMo did help me in that blogging felt like my job. Taking care of Matthew and Ella is my life and I’ve liked having this other commitment. I had to hold myself accountable, which hasn’t been my strong suit in the past, but the motivation of the challenge was enough to keep me going. NaBloPoMo taught me that I need work, my mind needs work. So November was hard but fulfilling. The hard days were when I felt like a cop out because of what I’d posted. The fulfilling days were when I couldn’t believe I’d thought of something and wrote something I was happy with.

So overall, I am grateful for this experience. I think it’s helped my blog grow and it’s helped me to become more committed to it. It’s helped me figure out the kind of writer I am and just how important writing is to me.

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