The Curated Closet: The Three C’s

Every year, Matthew and I split the holidays with our families. We went to my house for Thanksgiving so we’ll be seeing his family for Christmas. There’s always something different about being with your in-laws during the holiday season. Maybe they have different traditions, a different dynamic, or different ways of having fun as a family.

In my case, it’s all three.

Splitting the holidays has been a learning experience, to say the least, but you could argue that all of these differences were predictable. One dilemma I did not anticipate before getting married was how to dress for your extended stays with your in-laws. In my family, going home means staying home. We like to hang out, wear pajamas and sweatpants all day, and we’ve been binge watching shows long before it became an acceptable way to spend your time. In my husband’s family, the holidays mean activities: playing games, seeing friends, and just a general attitude of getting out of the house. All of which require getting dressed. So to have a little bit of home with me during this Christmas, I’ve found some fashions that will allow for me to leave the house and look cute but stay comfortable.

I give you the Triple C’s: Cute Christmas Comfort.


All fun and festive, all cute and Christmas-y (and a lot on sale!). Stay comfortable everybody!

Sources: Brina Box (1-3), Modcloth (4,6,8), and J Crew Factory (5 & 7)


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