The Curated Life: Sunday Best

This past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the world. I’ve been worrying about it actually. I worry that we’re meaner, more judgmental, more hostile, less forgiving, less hopeful, more cynical, less sensitive, less loving–the list goes on. I worry that we’re becoming less of all the good things and more of all the bad ones.  That right is becoming wrong and vice versa.

These worries and fears feel overwhelming sometimes. I’ll feel powerless, that somehow my not knowing the solution makes me part of the problem. Well, today in church we talked about the attributes of Christ. Patience, long suffering, kindness, love, charity, hope–that list goes on as well. And I immediately felt uplifted. How is this possible? Well, I think that as long as I try to develop these qualities, as long as I’m trying to eradicate evil in myself, that’s a small part in eradicating the evils in the world. If I’m nicer, less judgmental, less hostile, more forgiving, more hopeful, less cynical, more sensitive, and more loving then I do have some power. We can all be a force for good. So let’s maybe not get bogged down in the unkindness of the whole world; we can’t change the whole world. Let’s see how we can positively affect our families, our friends, our communities. After all, the world is made up of families and friends and communities. Let’s take care of them, one at a time.

Happy Sunday, everybody.

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