The Curated Home: Valentine’s Day

Honestly, I have never loved Valentine’s Day. Take it from someone who married her first and only boyfriend, this day only very recently became bearable for me. And even though I now have a significant other, I’ve never been able to shake my February 14th indifference. Every year, Matthew and I get some donuts and call it a day. Well this year, I decided to end my feud with Valentine’s Day. It’s not just a day dedicated to couples in love but to love of all kinds- friendship love, sibling love, children love, and on and on and on. I got Matthew a non-edible gift and I decided, very last minute, to decorate a little bit.




What’s amazing is that this was stuff I just found around our apartment! So Valentine’s Day isn’t completely worthless after all. I got to have fun repurposing and decorating, figuring out ways to display prints (standing clothespins!), and making a holiday season out of love.

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