The Curated Traveler: Lucerne

In the months we were preparing to move to Switzerland, in the endless to-do lists and stressing, I tried to remind myself of everything I was excited to do. At the top of my list was traveling throughout Switzerland and really embracing the cultures of this new place. So a few weeks ago, we took our first trip out of Zurich. I give you, Lucerne.

There were a few bumps-actually just one bump and her name is Ella. She didn’t get a nap, got sick of her stroller, and didn’t seem to understand that it’s best to sit still on a moving train. To call her a “cranky toddler” suddenly seems redundant- is there any other kind? Stress doesn’t bring out my best qualities but even the cloud over my head couldn’t obscure the magnificence of Lucerne.

Perfect weather, beautiful architecture, awe-inspiring nature, and a sense of history surrounded us.


We didn’t get to venture very far or stay very long but this much was clear: Lucerne is a beautiful place. Toddlers are tough travel companions but Switzerland is making it worth the trouble.


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