The Curated Traveler: Amsterdam

Our first big trip out of Switzerland was to Amsterdam and even though it was quick, it was really great for our family. Tulips have been my favorite flower since I thought, “Hey, you know what flower is really pretty? Tulips.” So we went just in time for their big tulip festival at Keukenhof Gardens. And honestly, it was such an amazing experience. Having my favorite little girl against the backdrop of my favorite flower and just being surrounded by beauty– it was like our trip to Versailles back in 2014 when I seriously couldn’t believe this dream had come true.



Our time at Keukenhof was the main event of our trip but just walking around Amsterdam was really fun. The canals and the Van Gogh Museum and an amazing Dutch pancake (okay, two Dutch pancakes) completed the picture of our fun weekend getaway.



And the ease with which we were able to figure out their transit system was a big boost of confidence for me. We went to Amsterdam after living in Zurich for almost two months and I was struggling most days to be excited and take advantage of this opportunity. I was struggling most days not to want to just fly home and forget the whole thing. But I didn’t feel like so much of an outsider in Amsterdam, like I had learned something in the short time we’d been in Europe. And it was such a relief to get back to Zurich and have it feel normal and almost like home. The more I’ve thought about it, really Amsterdam was my turning point. It was the first inkling I had that our time in Zurich was not only teaching me new things, but changing me in ways I had honestly never expected but in the exact ways I needed.



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