The Curated Planner: Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of co-hosting my friend’s baby shower for her little girl. My main responsibility was decorating her parents’ house for the event. The theme was “Baby, it’s Cold Outside,” and my friend wanted to combine shabby chic elements with a winter wonderland feel. Here’s what I came up with:




I was really excited to take on this project because it was all about incorporating different ideas and themes and making them cohesive- essentially, what curating is all about! And while I did buy some materials specifically for the baby shower, I also got to go shopping around my apartment. I used some of my own Christmas decorations, home decor, party supplies from Ella’s 1st birthday party, and even some of Ella’s toys!

One of the decorations I was proudest of was actually a craft I made. I used bottle brush trees, fake snow, and acrylic canisters to make these little tree displays.

The distressed mason jars with the glitter branches on this mantle perfectly capture the marriage between winter wonderland and shabby chic.

This table was one of the last things I did and it really was about taking the decorations that I had left over and combining them in a pretty way.`


I really wasn’t sure about this little winter village I created. Actually I’m still not, haha. But I thought it was a sweet idea and Ella’s toy train was too perfect not to include somewhere.


Overall, this was such a fun experience that taught me a lot about myself. I loved putting together something beautiful for my friend and having the opportunity to express myself creatively. On to the next project!

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