The Curated Planner: Ella’s Third Birthday

I never did a post about Ella’s second birthday party but I have a good reason- she didn’t have one. First, I never planned on doing a birthday party every year for her. I don’t think my anxiety or my husband’s patience could take it. And second of all, even if I had wanted to do a party for Ella last year, I was pregnant and morning sickness had completely taken over my life. She’s lucky she got this cake.

But with no morning sickness and a little girl turning a big age, I was determined to do something for her. And it was fun planning her party this year because she has actual interests now. Very girly interests. Princesses and unicorns and anything pink are her favorite things. Any time I asked her what kind of party she wanted, she’d answer, “Fairy princess ballerina party.”

Here is the result.


Fairy Tree


This was the centerpiece of the party (besides Ella Belle of course) and my exact vision come to life. We have this great yard and I obsessed for weeks on how to best use it. I had the idea for a “fairy tree” where I could hang balloons, lanterns, and all the pretty card stock I’ve been hoarding for years. All I needed was some curling ribbon and taller family members to bring it to life.

Picture Wall




Obviously, I love taking pictures of this girl. We just moved and since we’d have mostly new friends at the party who haven’t known Ella for very long, I wanted to show them just how much she’s grown in her 3 years. And of course, show how cute she’s always been. But I should get some credit for my self control- I printed nearly a hundred pictures and only displayed 36.

Signs & Cards




This wall on our porch was a last minute idea. I wanted some sort of decoration in there but since it would also be where the kids would be doing their first activity, I didn’t want anything to fussy or in the way. So the night before the party, I just started putting stickers and pictures of Ella on more of that card stock and taped them to the wall. It wasn’t much but it had a nice effect and was really easy to put together.



I take no credit for this. All Matthew.



She is perfect. I mean, she’s 3 and says no a lot, but she is perfect.


Fairy House Decoration



Fairy & Dragon Egg Hunt

This was self-serving. I’d only just gotten out of the hospital after having Jack when Ella had her first ever Easter egg hunt so I missed it. I used her birthday to recreate one.

I wanted three things out of this party: for Ella to have an amazing time, to create the whimsical experience that had been stuck in my head ever since Ella first said she wanted a “fairy princess ballerina” party, and to get the most magical pictures of my daughter, in her element with her perfect, perfect curls. And fortunately, on my Ella Belle’s 3rd birthday, it was 3 for 3.

Being a mom is hard, you guys, but it never, ever gets old.




P.S. I posted about Ella’s first birthday party here and here




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