The Curated Review: 2017

2017 was the year of opposition. Happy and sad were always side by side, haphazardly pasted together like the little crafts Ella brings home from preschool. Our son Jack was born under a cloud of uncertainty and fear but he brought such joy with him; the brightness of heaven still clings to that boy. My strangely difficult emotional and physical recovery from his birth somehow coexisted with a happier marriage, made stronger by Matthew’s consistent presence and patience. Within the chaos of moving and potty training a toddler and sleep training a baby, there was a general peace in our family.

Actually, never mind about the potty training part. There was zero peace in that.

Of course, we weren’t the only ones to face opposition this year. The entire world, it seems like, is at odds over a million different issues. Every issue, actually. And though I had trials, I could still count my blessings. Though I had heartaches, my heart never broke. Though I had moments of anger and disappointment, a shoulder to cry on was never too far away. My burdens were light because they were always shared.

I find myself unable to resent any of my hardships this year because I had genuinely beautiful experiences within them. In each of my personal cases, the good overshadowed the bad, light always overpowered the dark. My hope is that the world, our world, can see its way through any darkness 2017 cast and take only light into this new year.



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