The Curated Life: Sunday Best

There are times when motherhood can be really isolating. Leaving the room to nurse a crying baby, everyone averting their eyes as you discipline a loud toddler, and the long days of staying home with your kids by yourself– you can feel like the only mother in the world.

Today was nothing like that.

I felt so much unity and camaraderie with the women I interacted with at church this morning. One friend and I commiserated over distracting our toddlers while getting our babies to nap. I shared a knowing glance with a mom as she shepherded her two kids through the halls, holding the backs of their coats. Another friend helped me with Jack, letting him play with her water bottle and chapstick which were far more interesting than the toys and books I’d packed for him.

I go to church every Sunday, sometimes just out of habit and other times because I’m seeking out comfort and peace. The burdens of the week, of those days alone with the kids, aren’t always made light and I don’t always find what I’m looking for. But today, I went to church to learn about miracles and in the end, I experienced a few of my own.

Happy Sunday, everybody.





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