The Curated Traveler: Wilmington Pictures

I got kind of carried away while we were in Wilmington. I had a lot of feelings (which you can read about in my last post) and I took a lot of pictures.

Our first beach day was my favorite day of the entire trip. It was unexpectedly warm, the light was perfect, and there was almost no one else there. Just our family of four, basking in a different kind of winter wonderland.

Out & About

Santa Babies

Our last beach day was a little different. A little colder, not quite as deserted, and fewer smiles from our tired and windblown babies. I still love these pictures, though. Ella’s wild curls, the (still) magnificent light overhead, and two kids taking turns in the safety of their father’s arms. Our beach days were the bookends to our trip to Wilmington and though the experiences were different, I’m happy to have captured them both.






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