The Curated Life: Sunday Best

Somehow, we survived January. That had to be more than 31 days, with all the travel and sicknesses and doctors appointments and the never ending toddler tantrums. It was a long, tough tread to February but I want to begin this month with gratitude. Here is what I’m grateful for:

  • Jack saying “Mama” for the first time
  • mother-daughter date with Ella to the grocery store
  • grandparents who double as baby sitters
  • Ella saying, “It’s okay Bud” as she watched the video of Jack crying during his first bath in the hospital
  • Cookout milkshakes
  • pink and purple sunsets
  • clean onesies
  • Ella sitting in the rocking chair with me as I feed Jack
  • Facetime
  • Matthew’s cast iron buttermilk biscuits
  • Ella and Jack holding hands in the back of the car
  • J. Crew coats that glam up boring outfits
  • medicine for my sick babes
  • Ella’s prayers


This isn’t a complete list but it’s enough to remind me that there is happiness in even the smallest corners of my home, my family, and my life. And even though life is hard, there is nothing better than living it.

Happy Sunday, everybody.




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