The Curated Planner: Valentine’s Day

At Ella’s preschool, they started talking about Valentine’s Day last week (or “Valentimes Day,” as Ella would say) and she’s been so excited for it ever since. And I guess her excitement has been contagious because I really wanted to make the day extra special for her. I decided to do a little display for her to wake up to, with a little gift and some valentines from me and her dad. This actually didn’t take much planning at all because she already has a ton of pink stuff and I had a lot left over from her past birthday parties. Here’s how it turned out:

Here are my favorite details:

In all of this, I only had to buy the little unicorn. Even the balloons were saved from her last birthday party, helping me prove to my husband that hoarding and never throwing anything away is the correct way to live!



p.s. if you want to know where anything is from, just ask me in the comments or check out my Instagram account @thecuratedkids

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