The Curated Writer: Gratitude

I’ve had this new idea to start posting all the little lists I keep in my phone and my post-it note pads. I’ll write down things I want to make sure I put in my journal, things I’m grateful for during the week, or just random themes I notice in my life (like all the phrases and words I have to stop saying in front of Ella…). I figure this blog is basically just a record of my life and I better make that record as complete as possible. Anyway, here’s a list of what I’m grateful for right now.

  • How much Ella loved Valentine’s Day
  • When my little sister puts screenshots of our texts in her Instagram stories
  • The sugar cookies at a one year old’s birthday party last Saturday
  • Yuzuru Hanyu’s costumes
  • The red highlights in Jack’s hair


  • Ella’s spontaneous singing, usually church music
  • My older sister immediately believing me when I told her I have an enemy
  • My older sister googling what to do when you have an enemy
  • Memes about how long January was
  • Ella cooperating for photo shoots


  • Matthew’s banana bread
  • Jack’s arm waving when music comes on
  • Preschool days
  • Our clean dining room table
  • Palace by Sam Smith
  • Spring weather in February




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