The Curated Photo: The Ballerina

One of the great parts of the being a mom is being the gatekeeper to the children. There is pressure with this position, of course, as I am the one who has to keep track of everything from how many diapers we have in the house to noticing any changes that may signify illness. I have to know all the answers to the questions at the doctors appointments. But I also get to track how my kids are changing and growing everyday, I get to hear how preschool was on the car ride home, I get to hear all the funny malapropisms Ella says and all the songs she sings. I get to know answers . Even Jack, at his young age, has habits and little intricacies that are unique to him. And I’ve noticed that there are series of photos tracing not only their growth, but their interests and personalities and there are patterns forming. And I love these patterns because they don’t just add meaning to the short past of my kids’ lives; they also give me clues into their futures and their potential. I don’t know if Ella would be as into clothes if I weren’t as into clothes. I don’t know if Jack is particularly sensitive of if he’s just a baby with a loud and energetic older sister. But there are parts of them I know did not come from me. These natural and innocent parts of them that remind me that I didn’t just make two bodies; I received two spirits. Jack has been smiley since he was born. Ella loves dancing; she requests to watch The Nutcracker and puts on impromptu performances. It’s that love of dance that’s inspired this first (of many) photo series.

The Ballerina






Kids can be destructive and Ella certainly has her fair share. But in these pictures I see someone creative, a positive force in our family and I’m grateful.

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