The Curated Closet: Easter Outfits

I’ve only been a mom for a few years but it’s amazing to look back and see how many repeat experiences Ella has had. I was about to type that we are about to celebrate our first Easter with Jack but that’s not actually true. Technically, this is our second Easter as a family of four.

Jack was born on April 11th, less than a week before Easter last year. But even the Curated Mama/Planner that I am, there was no way Jack and I were going to participate in my favorite of all favorite pastimes: getting dressed up for a special occasion.

But Curated Mama/Planner that I am, there was no way Ella was not going to have a special Easter dress all picked out and ready for one of my favorite and most meaningful holidays.

So I wanted to take a look back at all her Easters and the darling springtime looks she wore to worship.

Easter 2015

Easter 2016

Easter #3



Obviously, Easter 2017 wasn’t my best effort. But I had just had a baby! A second kid! A c-section!

I promise that for Easter 2018, Jack will be included and I’ll get more than one decent picture.



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