The Curated Mama: Easter

Christmas is about more than Santa. Martin Luther King Day is more than just a day off. July 4th is more than fireworks and grilling up hamburgers.

And, of course, Easter is about more than a bunny.

This is important to remember but it can be hard to put into practice, especially with small children. We talked a little bit to Ella about the importance of Easter, about how we’re celebrating Jesus and how he loves her so much. Those are words she knows and understands and has heard before. “Resurrection” and “atonement” don’t quite fit that bill.

So how do you make such an important occasion stand out for your small children?

This is where the Easter Bunny comes in. Easter egg hunts and egg dyeing and the all important Easter basket.



I loved putting this basket together for Ella. As she has grown, she’s developed more specific loves and interests and this basket reflects that. She loves stuffed animals, ballet, writing, and all the Disney princesses. I wanted a girly girl and I definitely got one.



Easter is not just for spoiling our children with candy and gifts. It’s not about welcoming spring, though all the pastels and bunnies and baby chicks give me hope that warm weather will get here eventually. For me, Easter is about remembering the Savior. But as a mom, I think it’s my job to make things special in a way that Ella, and Jack eventually, can participate in and appreciate. Holidays can be such a trap of guilt and feelings of inadequacy– making Christmas too much about the toys, Easter too much about the candy, and on and on. But as moms, I think we do what we can. Wondering if you’re doing a good job normally means you care about doing a good job. And caring is the key to any good parenting decision.

We did what we could to make this a meaningful weekend of celebration for our family. And now, Ella’s Easter basket has created a happy memory and the day was special for her. Maybe not for the real reason but that can come with time and teaching. It’s enough now to mark the day as a celebration and to go on caring.




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