The Curated Faves & Finds: Jack’s Party

I should probably get over Jack’s party, right? I know, I know, it was over a week ago and here I am, still posting about it. To be honest, I probably have at least one more post after this one (sorry!) but what can I say? I’m obsessed with him so it follows that I would be obsessed with celebrating him. And I just feel like I can’t officially move on until I give proper credit to everything that helped make the party so special. I find so much joy in planning an event when I think of things around our house that I can use in addition to the fun and personalized elements I find online and beyond. Here are my faves and finds from his party:

The Onesie


Ella had a special onesie for her first birthday but the gold glitter and swirling cursive weren’t exactly Jack’s style so I went looking for a more understated one. I loved this one because it was more subtle but still cute and distinctive.


Gold foil Balloon

Another Ella repeat. I still have the gold foil one balloon that I used for Ella’s party (still inflated, two and a half years later!) and I loved the idea of Jack having his own as well.

Jack Powell Print

This print hangs above Jack’s crib and since the theme of the party was Jack of All Trades, it was the perfect addition.

Fox Prints

I’ve been using fox prints for about a year now and they’re just perfect for decor. They’re inexpensive, high quality prints and the Jack wall and monthly pictures were definitely highlights of the party.


Chalkboard Wallpaper

Easy to set up, fun to use, quick to pit away when we were done. Perfect party activity.

Galvanized Metal J


And of course, my absolute favorite part of the party was my smiling boy.





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