The Curated Life: Sunday Best

It’s been a rough week and an especially rough weekend.

The best thing you can do when life is trying to teach you something is to remain grateful. Here’s what I’m grateful for right now.

Medicine for sick babies

How easily Jack smiles

Ella’s imagination

That two years ago, Matthew forced me to get my license

Ella’s preschool teachers who love her so much

My sister who buys Ella the cutest clothes


Shutterfly and their many sales

My mom answering the phone even when she’s at work

Good weather

Matthew cutting the grass

My sisters believing in me


My mom protecting us our whole lives and teaching us how to protect ourselves

Medicine for sick babies (I know I said that already but after this week, it really bears repeating. I’m also grateful for laundry detergent that gets throw up stains out of sheets)

Happy Sunday, everybody




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