The Curated Home: Living Room

It cannot be overstated– I love home decor.

Home Goods, World Market, the dangerously perfect home section at Target– these are my happy place, my guilty pleasure, my rabbit holes.

I first fell in love with home decor when I went to my sister in law’s baby shower at her friend’s house. Immediately, I noticed all the colorful, embroidered pillows everywhere. I loved how everything was mismatched but somehow went perfectly together, how I got an idea about who this girl was through the way she decorated her home.

Immediately, I set about putting some of my personality into the one bedroom apartment I shared with my new-ish (at the time) husband.

There’s definitely been an evolution in my style. Back then, every print, every bird and Eiffel Tower figurine, and every pillow under the sun had to be mine.

Nothing was cohesive, there were too many ideas, and it looked like World Market had had a going out of business sale and I had taken everything.

But I loved it. It brought me genuine joy to work on making that little apartment more of a home.

But as I’ve gotten older, learned more, and had kids, it’s become more important to me to have a calmer home that is beautiful but functional. But even as my style and priorities have changed, that genuine joy has never subsided.

In our current home, I’ve wanted to combine my two great loves, french country and farmhouse styles. I do still love color but I’ve been trying to stick to more pastels and neutrals.

My favorite room, where I really tried to use color but keep cohesion, is the living room.

The living room is the first room you see when you enter our home, so it’s the most important. It sets the tone and one of my requirements for home decor is that everything should reveal a little bit about who you are. That’s why I love using photographs, whether they be framed or in photo books.


My favorite part of the living room has always been the mantle. I was the most excited about decorating it when I first saw the listing online. It’s the focal point of the room and I wanted to make sure it really represented my aesthetic and included the things I most loved because I would be looking at it all the time.


This is how the living room had been decorated for the first ~7 months but I’ve been making some changes I’m excited to share with you.

Stay tuned!



p.s. Let us all hope that World Market never ever goes out of business. No discount would be worth that.


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