The Curated Closet: April Style Series

We had a busy and beautiful April! In Atlanta, we normally have Spring for a day and then head right into a humid and unforgiving summer. But so far in North Carolina, we are definitely in the spring of things. And with spring comes fun fashion. Well, with Ella there’s always fun fashion but as a lover of dresses and flowers, she was in her element. Ella is like a little spring fairy, twirling and dancing everywhere she goes.


Ella’s church outfits are always special to me but Easter Sunday was a particularly meaningful day. The rest of the month, it looks like we relied on my favorite style staples: combining blue and pink and knee socks. What is sweeter than a little girl in knee socks?!

  1. Janie & Jack (dress), Lovely Felt Shop (headband)
  2. Old Navy (dress), Zara (shoes)
  3. Old Navy (top), J. Crew (skirt)
  4. J. Crew (dress), Zara (shoes)


Ella’s preschool teachers always comment on her outfits and how she looks like an American Girl doll (is there a better compliment?!). I always have to make sure what she’s wearing is weather and play appropriate which can be difficult when Ella is desperate to wear a dress on even the coldest days.

  1. Gap Kids
  2. J. Crew (top), Lee Jeans (pants)
  3. Zara

Wilmington Trip

I wrote about Ella’s strawberry picking outfit in my Wilmington travel post but to recap, I very nearly agonized over it. I knew we would get some great memories and I wanted her outfit to be perfectly sweet, like the strawberries themselves.

  1. Zara (top), J. Crew (shorts)
  2. Nautica (coat), Old Navy (jellies)
  3. 3. J. Crew

It was a great month for dressing up- thanks for reading!



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