The Curated Favorites: Mamas

This blog is dedicated to my Curated Kids, Ella and Jack, and that makes me their Curated Mama. And what is that, exactly? I like to think that a Curated Mama wants to make everything around her children as beautiful as possible. This may sound trite but I love beauty. Prettiness truly nourishes my soul. Ella’s pink room, my fireplace mantle, their birthday parties– there’s no detail too small to be made special. And this is all worth the effort because the work energizes me. And a mom needs all the energy she can get! But even more than that, I want beauty to be a thread throughout their childhood experiences. Beautiful memories and moments that will fortify them against any ugliness they may face as they grow up. I can’t change the world but I can carve out a space in it that is beautiful and safe. I bet there are lot of you moms who feel that way.

In that spirit and in honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Curated Mamas out there, women real and fictional, who inspire me to create beauty.

Kate Middleton ~ Perfect. Actually perfect.


Elizabeth James ~ Remember her? Even as a little kid watching this movie, I loved her simple elegance ( I probably didn’t think of it in those exact words)


LaTonya Yvette ~ I’m inspired by her because she addresses serious topics but still loves style and beauty and does so unapologetically. Moms can be more than one thing!

Rachel Parcell ~ I love her style and I’m inspired by her ability to create a company and still be a hands on mom.

Beyonce ~Are there even words?


Joanna Gaines ~ The ultimate Curated Mama. If I hadn’t made up the term myself, I would believe she had.


Brittany Berutzzi ~ She has the happiest energy and style and the short haircut of my dreams.


Emily Gilmore ~ She gets a bad rap but I love her, style, wit, flaws, and all. Lorelai came from somewhere, y’all.


At Home with Ashley ~ She’s so creative! And she’s filling the world with more pink, so we’re on the same page there.


My Mom ~ Last but not least. Actually, she’s first and most.


I’d love to hear about your favorite moms (curated or not, real or not, yours or not) in the comments! Who has inspired you? What’s the type of mom you’re trying to be? Do you also love Beyonce? Let me know!

Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!







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