TCK Favorites // May 2018

Hello beauties! Here are all my faves & finds from this month, curated:

Play Tent


My kids love this! It was a good price (on sale), easy to put together, and it’s getting a lot of use and laughs.

Ottomans from Target


White Pitcher


I love using pitchers as decor. They are such an easy and simple way to get that farmhouse style.

Tin Candle

This looks and smells so good. And having it in the tin protects it from toddler and baby hands.

Tiered Stand


Ballerina Doll


I’m always a little embarrassed when we have playdates at our house because most of Ella’s toys are simply dolls. The prettiest, frilliest, girliest dolls imaginable. But they’re not just so I can keep her room pretty and whimsical, she does really love dolls. But I definitely get them to keep her room pretty and whimsical.

Swan Bust


More pretty, more whimsy.

Block Heels


Nail Polish


One of my favorite Christmas presents from Matthew has been my Julep subscription. And he thought of it all by himself! Normally I send him a list of links and he picks one (we’ve had some unfortunate gift giving and gift receiving experiences) so this was a great surprise. Julep has a lot of great stuff but I’ve been really into their nail polish recently, especially this gold color. It’s so shimmery and but also neutral enough to be worn regularly.

It’s been a good month for discovering beauty.



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