TCK Life // Summer Plans

Big news!

We’ve moved!

Well, sort of.

Actually, not really.

But we aren’t going to be in North Carolina for the next two and a half months. Matthew got a 10 week internship in California (yay) and initially, we had all planned to go out there together (obviously) but things didn’t really work out that way (boo). The housing situation with his internship would make it hard to have me and the kids live comfortably out there full time. So for the past month, we’ve been trying to think of a way for Matthew to be gone without me going completely insane (motherhood requires a little insanity, as you all well know). I really didn’t want to stay in North Carolina all summer– so I’m not! This past weekend we had an amazing family reunion at my parents’ house and we decided that I would stay here in Pennsylvania with them. And since we can’t be with Matthew, this is definitely the very best next thing. It’s a great chance for my kids and my parents to spend time together. Because, let’s face it, it’s long overdue for Jack to get over his stranger danger/anyone-but-mama danger.

And this is a great opportunity for me as well, though I’m extreeeeeeeemely nervous about having the kids on my own. I’ve done it for short periods before, the longest being 12 days, and I don’t always come out the other end better for it. I’m looking to change that this time around. After all I was able to accomplish in Zurich with Ella, I know I can do hard things and be happy at the same time. I just haven’t learned that lesson with two kids, yet. But there are so many upsides I’m counting on getting me through it. I get to spend time with the greatest parents on earth and rediscover the northeast after over ten years of living in the south. I’m going to keep writing and honing my photography skills with the two best little models a mom could ask for. And of course, in this quiet landscape, I’ll have plenty of time to think of all the ways Matthew can make this up to me. J. Crew has a lot of good stuff, you guys. And it’ll be hard to be without him and the kids will miss their dad but I’m going to do my best to make this a full and curated summer for all of us.

A little terrified to live it but excited to share this with you all!

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