TCK Life // Father’s Day

I talk about Matthew a fair amount on here, especially since he’s been in California, but on my TCK Instagram account, he is very nearly nonexistent. There are maybe two or three pictures of him and I don’t think one of them shows his actual face. He’s happy with things that way but I wonder sometimes if people who don’t follow my blog even know I’m married!

Well, I am married and he is truly a great guy. A patient and supportive husband who answers to all my nicknames (it’s a long list). An even more patient dad. Fun and attentive, too. and fun He and Ella are best friends and Jack lights up when he gets home. So I just want to thank him for everything he does (even though he only reads my blog when I send him a link to it).

Thank you for taking us on adventures

Thank you for indulging my photo shoots

Thank you for being a good example to our kids

Thank you for seeing me through two c-sections

Thank you for keeping us safe

Thanks for loving us. Happy Father’s Day, Massy.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.



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