The Curated Closet: Summer Look Book

I have news. I have decided to break up with shorts. I hate them. I have really short legs, no chance of a thigh gap, and I JUST HATE THEM. But my timing isn’t great because summer is here and I live in the humid bug-infested jungle known as the East Coast.

So I’ve been thinking about my options and how I’m going to stay in style this summer.  Shorts are normally the obvious choice but I’ve decided I’m not going to do things that aren’t “me” anymore. And ill-fitting knee length shorts are just not me and I’m not willing to put up with them! Matthew always makes fun of me because I have exactly one pair of shorts and about a million dresses and skirts that I only wear for church. You know, once a week. But I had an epiphany, a fashion epiphany: how about I wear skirts and dresses… all the time? That can be my summer look, my all the time look maybe. I’ve had some other ideas for having a curated summer and I’ve put together a summer look book for myself, and anyone else who’s looking to change things up:


I don’t have any overalls, I don’t think I’ve worn a pair since the third grade but I’ve been wanting to test them out. I’ve been starting to hate jeans (mostly because I’m short and it’s so hard finding ones that fit) but I’m not ready to completely give up on them and overalls are a good compromise, right? They seem like the perfect mom uniform and they’re fun and a little whimsical, too.


Here’s a secret. Leggings still look good on you even when your thighs aren’t stick thin. I never knew this! I thought you could only wear them if you actually, you know, worked out and were skinny. Turns out you can do whatever you want.


Like I said, I have a million dresses that I only wear once a week for church and that ends this summer. I get self-conscious sometimes about being too dressed up or too girly but after doing this blog all this time, I think I have finally realized that that is okay. I’m going to really lean int to my feminine side (which is all of my sides, let’s be honest).

Cute Shoes

I truly think that in the summer, cute shoes are your best, best friends. Sometimes, you just can’t look cute. Sometimes, you’re sweaty and tired and you just want to be comfortable. Sometimes, you just can’t be curated. So wear the shlubby clothes, wear the loose and ill-fitting shirts, wear whatever. Just put something cute on your feet and immediately elevate your look. That’s what I plan on doing.

Hmm. Dresses, cute shoes, really girly. Sounds like my plan this summer is to dress more like my daughter. My fashion icon is 3.


Can you really blame me, though?

Happy Summer, everybody!



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