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I’m without my kids this weekend (and I have a whooooole lot of feelings about that) so there’s no new Sunday Best. But I thought I’d post my all-time favorite Sunday Best pictures instead just to make me feel less bad about it and keep putting my kids’ cuteness out into the world. You’re welcome 😉

I’ve been doing Sunday Best pictures consistently ever since I had Ella but I would do them occasionally when Matthew and I first got married. I would never wear makeup or dresses except to church and I had this desire to document it. And then when Ella was born and I had this living doll, it became more and more fun to put little outfits together and document them. Then when we moved to North Carolina and had this beautiful fireplace as a backdrop, I just imagined at the end of the two years being able to look through all these Sunday Best pictures and see how the kids had grown. So here are my all-time favorites:


I really don’t know what I was having Matthew take these for but I’m glad I made him do it. I feel like I truly was preparing to have a blog someday, like I was acting like a blogger before I really even knew what that meant.

First & Last Sundays of First Pregnancy

The morning sickness is so real in those pictures on the left and the “totally over it” feeling that comes towards the end of pregnancy is so real in the picture on the right. Pregnancy might be the most difficult miracle there is.

ella’s first sunday best


This was the first time I braved church with my newborn baby and of course, we matched.

blessing day

In our church, a baby’s blessing day is so special. A baby is given a name and is usually given a special blessing by his/her dad. I loved watching Matthew prepare to give Ella and Jack their blessings and I appreciated that he wanted my input as well. Two of my favorite memories are their blessing days.

Ruffle Skirt

This skirt gets its own category because I seriously felt that good in it. This is probably one of my favorite outfits of all time. Even though Matthew didn’t tell me my hair was crazy, I loooooved this skirt and it’s well documented how obsessed with riding boots I am.

Independence Day Sunday


Best outfits

These are my favorites simply because I specifically remember feeling good in these outfits. I love curating things and putting outfits together and that’s obviously not the point of Sundays, being and feeling your best elevate your worship and show respect for who you’re worshipping.

Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day and my most recent Mother’s Day. So much changed between these two dates but the complex joy of being a mom remains.

Ella’s First Birthday


Pink & Blue

The best color combination there ever was.


If matching your kids is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Ella & Jack

Look how much changes in just a few years? In just the last year, it’s gone from Ella holding Jack, to sitting next to him, to helping him stand, to the two of them holding hands. I love these cuties.

I miss my kids today, so thanks for indulging this trip down fashion memory lane.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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