tck fashion // june style series

So I have to give myself some props for keeping Ella fashionable the past month. Taking care of the kids by myself hasn’t led to the best meals or activities but I’ve done what I can to keep Ella cute.


  1. J. Crew
  2. Gap Kids, Zara (shoes)
  3. Gap Kids
  4. Old Navy (top), J. Crew (skirt), Amazon (knee socks), Gap Kids (shoes)


I signed Ella up for a ballet class! She’s always loved dancing, she’ll ask me to watch clips of The Nutcracker ballet, so I’ve been wanting to put her in a class. This summer seemed like the perfect opportunity.

  1. J. Crew
  2. Old Navy (top), J. Crew (skirt), Keds (shoes)
  3. Walmart
  4. J. Crew


  1. Gap Kids
  2. Old Navy
  3. Gap Kids (top), Zara (skirt)
  4. J. Crew
  5. Gap Kids (dress), Hunter Boots
  6. Amazon (bathing suit), Gap Kids (sunglasses)

It’s been a hard month but I’m happy to report that photography and mini fashion are still just as fun. And Ella is changing and growing a lot but so far, she’s still my girly girl.



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