TCK Fashion // July Style Series

I know, I know, it’s August but you’d be behind too if you had two jet lagged kids. I think that’s the one silver lining about this whole experience: I will always have it as an excuse. And a guilt trip for Matthew šŸ˜‰


Dress: Gap

Shirt: Target

Shoes: Zara

This is probably my favorite July 4th church outfit I’ve ever put together for Ella. I loved mixing the different gingham patterns and shades of blue.


Dress: J. Crew


Dress: J. Crew

Headband: The Lovely Felt Shop

Shoes: Zara

Shirt: J. Crew

Skirt: J. Crew

Shoes: Gap

Romper: Old Navy

Boots: Hunter

I’ve been waiting for years for this romper to fit her. The brand is Old Navy but I got it at Once Upon a Child. It was in the wrong section; I was looking for things for my then two year old and this is 4T. All’s well that ends well.


Shirt: Walmart

Shorts: J. Crew

Dress: J. Crew

Boots: Hunter


Shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Gap

Dress: Old Navy

Shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Old Navy


Sweater: Target

Shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Keds

It’s been fun and challenging to dress Ella this summer- I’m so excited to not be living out of a suitcase soon. And to have all of her clothes back! It’s the little things, you guys.




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