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When you’ve been married a while and you have two kids and your anniversary falls on a Monday, chances are you won’t be celebrating on the actual day. That was the case for us, anyways. To commemorate seven years of marriage, we took a trip up to the Point Reyes National Seashore. Matthew took me when I came out here without the kids and almost the entire time, I kept imagining Ella’s curls and Jack’s smiles with this beautiful place as the their backdrop.

First we went to Point Reyes Station and experienced their farmer’s market and community playground. And I’ll be honest, I kind of felt like a double agent with my hipster overalls and locally sourced wildflowers but my heart firmly planted in the East Coast.

The drive up to Pierce Point Ranch is so scenic that we even stopped to grab a couple pictures on the way. The winding roads put Jack to sleep but Ella loved the cows and wildflowers. And the fog that gets thicker as you get higher into the mountains gives everything this ethereal quality.

Pierce Point Ranch is a farmhouse lover’s dream- all these old white barns were a perfect backdrop.

Clearly, Ella and I go hiking a lot.



The best parts, apart from the incredible views and mystical fog, were of course Ella’s curls and Jack’s smiles.

Really, it meant a lot to have them there with us, retread these steps.


And for Matthew to get show Ella, his very best friend in the world, this place he’s called home this summer was so sweet.


So yeah, besides the delicious takeout Matthew brought home, Monday was kind of like any other Monday. Ella and Jack were pretty difficult after a weekend of wrecking their schedules, meals were hastily prepared, and I ended the day just as exhausted as I normally do. But that little adventure we had to Pierce Point Ranch was so much fun and creating memories with our kids to celebrate the seven years of building our family was just what our anniversary should have been.



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