tck photo // rose to the occasion

Matthew got me these beautiful roses last week, just because. And by “just because,” I mean he got them for me “just because” I took care of his kids by myself for 8 weeks, flew across the country with them by myself, and in the process I only threatened a few times to live the rest of my life by myself.

It was a really nice surprise, just the show of appreciation and him remembering that I am one of those girls who really does love flowers. I’m not normally a huge fan of roses– I’m a tulips and peonies girl– but I love that these are two colors. The soft yellow and pink are so pretty together and they give the roses such a romantic look.

Immediately, I wanted to take a million pictures of them. Ella just wanted to play with them so I let her have her fun.

Eventually, I hung them up and had the perfect backdrop to my little flower.


These pictures were so easy to do. I used clear tape to hang the roses on the wall, so it looks like they’re hanging on their own. I chose this one corner in the house with white wall in a room with a lot of natural light. This Zara dress of Ella’s (that’s more like a shirt now, she’s grown so much) is one of my favorites to photograph because it can look soft or vibrant, depending on how you style it. And of course, Ella’s curls and natural smiles make any photo magic.



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