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God is real.

Unfortunately, so is Satan.

There is the law of opposition, after all. Pleasure and pain, right and left, black and white, and the ultimate opposition: good and evil.

For a moment, let me talk about the evil.

I’ve always thought that Satan’s greatest weapon in my life is getting me to believe things about God that aren’t true.

The only way to combat this strategy is to get to know God myself. This is possible through praying, and reading and pondering scriptures. Or, that’s what everyone says.

It’s difficult sometimes, though. Even though so many people tell me it’s true. Prophets. The Savior. My family. My friends. People I respect and admire. But the lies Satan uses, the things he would have me believe, I don’t hear Satan’s voice. I hear my own.

God doesn’t want you to be happy. God sends trials to hurt you, to break you. And in the worst of times, God isn’t even there.

I’m not in the worst of times right now; it’s not even on the horizon. I’m thinking about this only because there’s been a lot of change and stress recently and things I have to take care of that I’ve stopped caring for my spirit. And when this happens, demons and shadows, early signs of the worst of times, start creeping in.

The only way to combat these signs is to flee to their opposites. Angels and sunshine.

So for a moment, let me talk about the good.

God wants me to be happy. God allows trials in order to teach me. God is there. He’s here.

When I can’t feel the good through the changes and stresses, I must remember them. Even just write them here. Because they are more than just “the good.” They are the truth.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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