TCK Favorites // August 2018

Here are all my faves & finds from this month, curated:

Hunter Boots

I have wanted these for a looooong time but I couldn’t justify two pairs of Hunter boots for a little girl. But they went on sale and her red ones are starting to get tight so it was the perfect opportunity. How sweet are they?!

Cast Iron Skillet


I barely cook but you can do so much with these! So far we’ve done biscuits, cornbread, and cake. Priorities, people.


I got these for Ella but both of my kids love them. And they photograph really well.

Nail Polish


Zara Sandals

These shoes are perfect. I put Ella almost exclusively in pink and blue so they go with everything. And they’ve lasted a long time.

Statement Necklace


More pink and blue.

Summer Shoes

My shoe obsession isn’t well documented on here (mainly because you can’t get my feet, my head, and the kids all in the same frame) but believe me, it’s real. (Those bow slides are my third baby).


Fawn Design Diaper Bag


I go on and on about this bag on my Instagram but can you blame me?! Diaper bag backpacks always made me kind of sad– I’m short so when I wear a backpack I look like I’m in middle school. But I had to travel by myself with the kids and a tote bag wasn’t going to cut it. I started searching for a backpack diaper bag and this one stole my heart. It’s gorgeous and functional.

It’s been a good month for discovering beauty.



p.s. for sources, just leave your question in the comments or check out @thecuratedkids on IG!

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