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So I’m conducting a little experiment. Since getting married and especially since having kids, a lot of my personal gospel study has been lacking. When I was younger, I would read my scriptures for at least 20 minutes every single day. I’ve gone through random spurts these past few years where I can commit to that for a few months at a time but it just hasn’t been consistent.

I want to change that.

Really, I’m looking to change parts of my nature. That’s honestly one of the best parts of having a foundation of faith: you are taught that changing your nature is possible. I have this goal to be disciplined and diligent (because I’m notoriously lazy and give up on projects) in more areas of my life and I think this a good place to start. I’ve been trying to pray every day and read my scriptures. And I’ll be honest, it’s harder than I thought it would be to return to these good habits. It feels like work and since my life is work, it’s hard to find motivation to do anything extra.

But I really, really want this for myself. I want to feel that draw again, that need for daily spiritual nourishment. I get just enough on Sundays to get by but that seems like a waste, doesn’t it? When there’s so much more I could have? And I feel hopeful, even though I’ve started and stopped so many times before. I feel hopeful because I’ve been working so consistently on this blog for almost a year (!) and so I know I can be diligent when I really love something. I’m eager to feel this way about my gospel study, about my spirit.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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