tck photo // a sunny afternoon

We’re preparing for this massive storm to hit in the next few days and the atmosphere is tense and a little unsettling. Long lines at gas stations or completely abandoned ones that are out of fuel. Chaotic grocery stores, carts loaded with water and non perishables. There’s all this movement but things seem strangely quiet. And the sun went down yesterday and it doesn’t even look like it’s come back up; the skies are gray and rolling.

So I wanted to put out some light.


A few weeks ago, Ella and I were playing in her room and the light coming through her window was so perfect. It would catch the red in her curls and the green in her eyes and I couldn’t help but step back and try to catch the beauty of it all.


I like to take pictures in the middle of Ella playing because there’s this fun, whimsical quality that you can’t get in posed portraits. And I don’t have to fight her to sit still or smile; she barely even notices I’m clicking away.


This is the magic of photography. You can hold onto memories and call them forward when you need them. They’re tangible and overpowering. Hopefully, the hurricane will pass and no one will be the worse for it. I pray that we’ll all stay safe and sound and that our preparation will keep any fear at bay. And hopefully the darkness reminds us to be grateful for the light.





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