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Every Sunday, I write a little bit about my faith. I do this because I really want to share goodness, feel goodness, and reveal more about myself. Writing is my preferred way to communicate because it’s more perfect and thoughtful. Every Sunday, I just want to share what I feel inspired to share. Today, I simply want to express my gratitude.

I’m grateful for all this time I get to spend with Matthew while he’s in school.

I’m grateful for all the funny things Ella says on our way home from preschool.

I’m grateful for Jack’s easy smiles and that teething hasn’t taken them away from me.

I’m grateful for second chances.

I’m grateful that the color pink appears in nature. That is such a happy miracle.

I’m grateful for all the people who accept me the way I am.

I’m grateful for the self-confidence I’ve been able to carve out for myself. It has not been easily earned.

I’m grateful for photographs. They’re my personal time machine.

I’m grateful to be getting older. I feel like the world has so many more possibilities now.

I’m beyond grateful for my little sister. I don’t know a better person.

These are the specific things that have been blessings to me, so maybe not that helpful for any of you, but I would encourage you to think about your blessings. Count them and remember them. That’s the goodness I’d like to share.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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