Tck Life // Sunday best

It’s not easy taking the kids to church by myself. Any time I’ve had to do it, I’ve been really tempted to skip church entirely.

Well today it was a really close call but we made it to church and home in one piece.

Matthew is out of town, helping with Hurricane Florence cleanup. We were fortunate in our Florence experience- a couple flickers in our electricity and one genuinely scary tornado warning and that was it. Since we didn’t get caught in the destruction, it’s only right we get caught up in the aftermath. In the service.

Matthew is from Wilmington and felt strongly he should help out in his community and as much as the fairness-obsessed libra in me would like to, I can’t fault him for that. Sure, I gave him the tiniest hard time in the lead up to him leaving– I am human– but I knew I could do both our parts for Ella and Jack while he did his part for his hometown.

And part of that was taking them to church. It wasn’t easy; Jack is at that age where being disruptive is the only entertainment and no snacks or toys compare to the thrill of walking aimlessly around the chapel. I prepared as best I could for that. A million toys and snacks and I sat in the back where he would have more room. So of course, Ella was the difficult one today. I’m always surprised when I try to do the right thing that reality doesn’t completely change to make everything easier.

But it was important that I go. It was important that I take them despite the difficulty. I was alone all summer and I’ve claimed to be strengthened by that experience. Not going today would have been acting weaker than God has blessed me to become.

I’m excited for Matthew to get home, for us to share the burden again and not have to use my full strength. But I am grateful to know that it’s there.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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