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I always say that I’m a person with a lot of creative energy but not that much artistic talent. I love the idea of DIY and I will watch any renovation video the world has to offer but the thought of transforming things myself has always been a little daunting.

So I’m starting small.

I’m turning our spare bedroom into a dressing room/office for myself and since we’re not going to be in this house for much longer, I want to keep everything on a tight budget. I’m pulling things out of the garage and other rooms and doing a lot of rearranging. One thing I really did need was a clothing rack. There’s a tiny closet in this room but we’re using that for storing Ella’s baby clothes and other knickknacks. I searched online for a few weeks and all of the really pretty racks I could find were hundreds of dollars. All the affordable ones didn’t fit the pretty and feminine theme of the room. That gap between what I could find and what I envisioned is what really inspired me to tackle a DIY project. I finally found an option from Wayfair and I thought they would be the perfect base for what I had in mind.

I always knew I wanted to have gold racks and spray paint seemed easy enough to figure out and do on my own.

The only supplies I needed were spray paint, top coat seal, rubber gloves, and trash bags so that I wouldn’t paint my grass (in the future, I would probably use cardboard, just to have it more steady).

I honestly love how these turned out! Immediately these racks seem more expensive and more glamorous. It was hardly any work at all and super budget friendly. I’m really excited for how this room is coming together. And honestly, I feel empowered to do more projects like this and to turn my creative energy into creative talent.

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p.s. I had a little helper come in 🙂



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